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TPPP Episode 91 : A Woman’s Story of Abuse in an Evangelical Cult

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. I want to go ahead and issue a content warning for abuse, both sexual and otherwise, incest, and rape.

This week I have on my friend Rie to talk about her experience in an extremist Evangelical church with all the characteristics of a cult. She talks about her rape as a child, as well as ongoing abuse by her family and church members. She was only able to escape when she was married, but even to this day she deals with PTSD. Her family for the most part has shunned her because she chose to separate herself from the teachings of their particular sect. It is a difficult listen, but it shines a spotlight on how abuse does not only happen in the Catholic Church, but also in Protestant churches.

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The Sin of Silence: The Epidemic of Denial About sexual abuse in the evangelical church

Baptist Church Told Girl to Apologize for Being Raped


TPPP Episode 90 : Teacher

Friend and fellow beer connoisseur Nico Dylan joins me this week to talk about the teachers’ strikes that started a year ago and have been picking up steam more lately, as well as her personal experiences as a teacher and the struggles teachers face that are causing these actions to take place We also talk about the #StopTheBans rally we both attended in Huntsville last weekend. I had some issues with my internet, but I will hopefully have those resolved by next episode.

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TPPP Episode 89 : Embrace The Ethics

Welcome to this episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This episode was cursed because the first time there was an internet outage; the second time there was a scheduling conflict:and the third time Hangouts wouldn’t work. I finally had to record as a podcast, but even that required a lot of time and energy to sync. But the gospel of Aaron Rabinowitz and the Void shall not be silenced! Of course, Aaron co-hosts both Embrace the Void and Philosophers in Space, and he is also a professor, so he was the perfect person to talk to about Ethics and its real world implications, as well as why I should give a fuck. He did a good job learning me on the subject, and I am now motivated to do a little more reading. I hope y’all learn something to!

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Embrace the Void Website

Philosophers in Space Website

TPPP Episode 88 : Mr. Smith Goes to Podunk

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! On this installment of everyone’s favorite Southern podcast, I speak with newly minted friend Lyman Smith. We first talk about our meeting, along with his lovely fiancé and friend of the show Natalie Newell, at the American Atheists Convention 2019 in Cincinnati, and our experiences at the convention, including how his Backpack Old Fashioned becoming the Official Drink of the American Atheists Convention 2019.

We then talk about his approach to parenting as an atheist and freethinker. He mentions the importance of teaching his son empathy and kindness, as well as being honest and forthright when answering difficult questions, including those pertaining to the existence of God. Lyman is a great guy, and this was an enlightening conversation. Hopefully any current or prospective parents who are listening will gain some insight from this interview.

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Lyman Smith on Twitter

TPPP Episode 87 : Snap Reunion

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week, I speak about my experiences at the American Atheists Convention 2019. Spoiler alert : It was pretty badass!

For the palaver, I facilitated a reunion between Amy, current host of The Ginger Snaps, and Nadya, former co-host of the selfsame show. We had some technical issues in the beginning, but we finally got Nadya in on the fun. We talked about the current state of the podcast, me Nadya explaining why she had to leave the show, and some general topics as well as camaraderie. I was so glad to be able to speak with both of them again. It warmed the cockles of my black heart!

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The Ginger Snaps Podcast

The Ginger Snaps on Facebook

The Ginger Snaps on Twitter

TPPP Episode 86 : Life After God

Thanks once again for joining me on the show that your mother warned you about : The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week, I speak to activist, podcast host, humanist chaplain, speaker, and National Organizing Manager for Secular Student Alliance Ryan Bell. As a minister Ryan decided to go a year without God, and became an atheist as result. He kept a blog about his experience, and he has spoken many times about his experience. He also has a podcast named Life After God, as well a website, both of which he uses to talk about and help those coming out of religion. He is also a social justice advocate who is not shy about speaking his mind about those issues he feels strongly about. We talked about his journey to atheism, his a activism, and his podcast. We then get into the reluctance of some in the atheist community to speak about social justice. Somehow we end up talking about politics and the shitshow that is the Trump Administration. I really enjoyed our conversation, and I think you will too.

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Life After God

Ryan Bell’s Page

Secular Student Alliance

TPPP Episode 85 : Living with Mental Illness

Welcome to another episode of The Triple Po! This week I have on my friend Brigid Fitch from Holy CRAP The VlogCast. We kick things off by talking the upcoming American Atheists Convention in Cincinnati which we will both be attending.

We then get into the more serious discussion about her struggles with mental illness, including PTSD and bipolar disorder. We also talk about how resources are sparse for the treatment in the US, including the prohibitive costs for medications and treatment, as well as the utter lack of financial assistance for those who can’t afford these vital treatments. Lastly, we speak about the stigma around mental illness still prevalent in this country which is a further impediment towards recognizing mental illness as a critical issue in the US. Some of the things we speak about in this episode may be triggering, so please take that into consideration before listening.

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National Alliance on Mental Illness

The Secular Therapy Project

Brigid Fitch on Facebook

Brigid Fitch’s Blog