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TPPP Episode 78 : An Atheist In Pittsburgh

This week on The Triple Po I am joined by logo enhancer and Facebook friend Jeff Prebeg. We talk about his activism, his work with charity, and his poor choice in hockey teams. We also rip on Trump, as well as discuss the difference between atheism and secular humanism, and the increasing gap between the two groups. Oh and cats. His cat has his own Facebook and Instagram! We had a great chat, and I enjoyed having him on even if he is a Pens fan. Enjoy!

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Jeff Prebeg’s website

Jeff Prebeg on Twitter

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TPPP Episode 77 : Laying Down The Law

My dear comrade Zach Law from Zachrilege Cast makes a second appearance on the show. We talk about Trump, beer, the intellectual dark web, and Satan’s asshole. Is your interest piqued? Well come on by and take a listen!

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TPPP Episode 76 : Withdrawal

This week on The Triple Po I speak to my old friend Brandi about her recent run-in with the law regarding drugs, but also how her privilege kept the legal outcome being much worse. Related to that, we talk about failure that is the War on Drugs and the racist and inadequate laws used to try to enforce the war. Oh, and we talk about how Trump sucks, which is low hanging fruit nowadays! It was a great conversation and it was great to talk to Brandi again after a couple of years.

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TPPP Episode 75 : I Dream of Jeanne

This week on the Triple Po, I am joined by friend and frequent guest Jeanne Ikerd. We talk about a nurses’s strike taking place in her home town in Vermont. We also talk about there now only being one Blockbuster left in the country (in Bend, OR, of all places!), as well Kylie Jenner’s starting a gofundme to make her a billionaire. We also talk about the protests in London over Trump and the big orange Trump baby blimp! Of course, there are also digressions and general shenanigans as is normal whenever Jeanne comes in. Come on in and lend your ears!

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From London to Helsinki, protests followed Trump through Europe all weekend

GoFundMe Page Seeks $100 Million to Make Kylie Jenner a Billionaire

Hundreds of nurses walk out to strike at UVM Medical Center

America has just one Blockbuster left


TPPP Episode 74 :Turpin’s Time

My guest this week for the Triple Po is Susan Turpin. She is an employee of Planned Parenthood, a quizmaster, and now the Treasurer the Texas Secular Caucus! We talk about abortion issues, the upcoming Supreme Court nomination battle, her quizmastering, and her political aspirations. Come give it a listen!

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Black Nonbelievers Summer Fundraising Drive
Geeks Who Drink QM The Susanturpin

Susan Turpin on Twitter

Texas Democratic Secular Caucus

Texas Democratic Secular Caucus on Twitter
Tarrant County Democratic Woman’s Club – Public

TPPP Episode 73 : No ICE, ICE baby

I flew solo this week as I didn’t have a guest. The biggest thing that happened was that I got SIX new patrons! I have to say that I’m truly humbled. They are Nathan Dickey, host of A Leap of Doubt Podcast and Trolling with Logic; my good friend Jeanne Ikerd; long-time listener and quizmaster extraordinaire Susan Turpin; blogger and faithful listener Kim Perkins; one-time guest and my brother from another mother Kevin Watson; and my first $10 patron, Rob Schreck! That means he gets a t-shirt! I thank y’all so much for your support. It really means a lot.

The show is me talking about the immigration fiasco occurring on the border, and the evil influence of the Trump administration as well as that modern-day Gestapo ICE. I lay out the whole situation as well as the back story behind it. I then offer up my predictions as to what will happen. Let’s just say the picture ain’t rosy. I also talk about some stories where Trump lackeys get some karma dished in their direction, which is always welcome news to my mind.

I also discovered a new show, Kevin and Benedict, a show of which I recently became a patron. They do two shows, the main one is This Week In News, and then there is This Week In History. They are both great shows, and I encourage you to check them out. Enjoy!

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A Leap of Doubt

Trolling With Logic


Geeks Who Drink QM The Susanturpin Facebook Page

That SJW The Nazis Warned You About Facebook Page

Kevin and Benedict


Mandisa Thomas on Twitter

Black Nonbelievers on Twitter

TPPP Episode 72 : F*ck It! I’ll Do It Live!

After a three-month hiatus, The Triple Po had returned! I had to take a step back and take care of my mental health, but I’m raring to go again!

The format of the show is different now as well. I am going to be doing the show live from the YouTube channel and then releasing the audio as the regular podcast. The schedule is also changing to twice a month. The show will be live on Saturdays at 7 PM Central, unless it conflicts with Atheists at the Pub in which case it will be Friday at 7 PM Central. The podcast will be released by Monday morning after the live show.

I talked a bit about the hiatus as well as a friend’s experience with sexual assault as well as Pride Month. After some technical difficulties (which is par for the course with these two!), I talked to Amy and Nadya from the Ginger Snaps. We talk about those same issues, but also there’s also a lot of great conversation with friends. I want to thank y’all who have stuck around with me through the hiatus as well as the 4 patrons that stayed on. That means a lot, and I appreciate the support. I hope y’all will like the new format. I think it’s more dynamic and also I don’t have to fucking edit!

Download the show audio here.

YouTube live replay Part 1 Part 2 (I had technical issues so I had to restart with another feed).

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