TPPP Episode 63 : Alix Goes South

Welcome back to The Triple Po! I have returned from The Native American Slaughter Day break with another spectacular episode. On the pre-ramble, I talk about the travesty that is the #TaxScamBill. It is probably one of the most blatant giveaways to the the wealthy and corporations in American history, and it was passed with no debate and not even completely written when it was passed. It still requires reconciliation with the House to hammer out the final bill, and Democrats may be able to soften the blow a tad, but for the most part the middle class and poor of this country are getting royally screwed. So if you voted for Republican, hey, fuck you!

On the palaver, I speak worth activist, blogger, speaker, and Zen master Alix Jules. We talk about the unique challenges the South faces in implementing change in both politics and social justice. As a New York transplant to Texas, he has an insight into the unique challenges our region faces. We also discuss how to get people who are in other parts of country to understand our plight here. Ultimately, you just have to come and visit! You’ll uh then, trust me. It was a very enlightening talk with an awesome guy. I think y’all will thoroughly enjoy it.

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GOP tax plan: 5 ways the proposed tax cuts could impact you

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TPPP Episode 62 : A Secular Woman

It’s time once again for the best podcast you’ve never heard of, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week in the pre-ramble I read new iTunes reviews, though one douchepickle decided to give me a one-star review. Sad! I then go on an angry rant about the latest sexual harassment allegations against Louis CK, Al Franken and Roy Moore. I am so fed up with these guys doing this shit. It’s time for men to start calling out other men on this bullshit fucking behavior. This is the only way to get this shit to stop.

On the palaver I speak with activist and knitter Monette Richards. We talk about her work at Secular Woman and CFI of Northeast Ohio. We also talk about the workshops she gave at Skepticon, one and half of which I attended! We discussed other topics such as Mythicist Milwaukee, YouTube atheists, the #metoo campaign, and much more. Monette was a pleasure to talk to, and she is passionate about her work, which really comes through in the interview. She is also funny and down to earth, and I am glad I got to meet her in person at Skepticon! I think y’all will enjoy our conversation.

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Secular Woman

CFI Northeast Ohio

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TPPP Special : Skepticon 10 Podcaster Panel

I hadĀ the privilege of sharing the stage with Maddy Love and Marissa McCool at Skepticon 10 for a panel entitled ‘Diversifying Atheist Voices’, which we all thought was ironic because we were three White people! We realized, however, that the subject was not ourselves but the guests we had on our shows. We have all certainly tried to have different perspectives on our respective shows. I didn’t talk much, mostly because I was the token allocishet White guy, and Maddy and Marissa are much more experienced in then I am. Nevertheless, it was an honor and privilege to be on the same stage as them, and I especially want to thank Stephanie Zvan for making this panel possible, as well as moderating the panel. I hope y’all enjoy!

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TPPP Episode 61 : Skepticon 10 Recap

Welcome to another thrilling edition of The Triple Po! I attended Skepticon 10, which was November 10 – 12 in Springfield, MO. I had a lot of fun, and I learned so much from the workshops and speakers. I got to meet so many cool people, both old friends and new faces. I want to thank you the organizers for putting it on, and I look forward to attending the next Skepticon, which I found out will be in St. Louis next time, which is closer to me!

For the palaver, I did some mini-interviews with six people : blogger, activist and friend Jessica Xiao; volunteer at the Humanist Service Corps Jude Lane; blogger and activist Heina Dadabhoy; blogger, activist, sometime podcaster and Queen of the Outrage Brigade Stephanie Zvan; Organizer and activist Monette Richards; and Founder and President of Black Nonbelievers Inc., and one of my favorite people Mandisa Thomas. It was such a pleasure and honor to speak to them. All of them have been on the show previously except Monette Richards, and that will be remedied soon as I am interviewing her next week. The show is longer than usual, but I felt that getting all these voices out there was important, and I hope I think y’all will agree.

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Skepticon Home Page

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Black Nonbelievers Inc.

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Almost Diamonds

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TPPP Episode 60 : Dan Arel, Commie Scum

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Triple Po! This week in the pre-ramble, I talk briefly about another mass shooting, this time at a small church in a small town in Texas. I opine about how we still won’t get gun control laws, and the futility of believing in a God that allows these incidents to happen. I also briefly talk about Trump’s new tax plan and how it’s royally screwing over the middle class.

On the palaver, I speak to my former archnemesis Dan Arel. We talk about our feud and how it occurred, as well as subjects such as Nazi punching and antifa, with a little Mythicist Milwaukee kvetching thrown in. We still have disagreements on certain tactics, and I let him know this, but I think we both felt like this was a productive and worthwhile exchange. I hope y’all agree.

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Texas Church Shooting Leaves At Least 26 Dead, Officials Say

Are you middle class enough to get a tax cut from President Trump’s plan?

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TPPP Episode 59 : Of Grief and Dying

Welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast. This week is a somber episode, as I discuss the recent death of my grandmother. I briefly recount my memories with her, as well as what the funeral was like. It was a very sad affair, but I think most took some comfort because she had a long, rich life and she was no longer suffering.

On the palaver I talk to my friend Brynda Quinn, a clinical psychologist, about grieving as an atheist. She offers special insight because her husband died, and thus is more familiar with the process. We also talk about specific steps we can take to help make the grieving process easier. We also discuss specifically my grandmother and what I can do to deal with her death. The coping techniques we discuss can apply to all those dealing with grief, not just atheists. I hope perhaps that this episode can serve to help people with their own grief, as well as prepare those who have not experienced this sort of situation as of yet for how to deal with grief in the future.

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Grief Beyond Belief

Secular Therapy Project

Daily Strength

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TPPP Episode 58 : Hard To Say I’m Sorry

The Podunk Polymath Podcast has returned from yet another week hiatus to bring you the truth! I am going to try to get back on a weekly schedule, but I have added a bit to my already busy life and I’m trying to sort it out. I ask that you bear with me The Triple Po through this transition!

On the pre-ramble this week I talk about that loathsome piece of shit Harvey Weinstein and his serial rapes, as well as the #metoo campaign which it sparked. I also talk about how men need to get up off their asses and stand up against these assholes who harass and assault women right in front of our eyes as we sit back and say nothing. Men fucking caused this problem, and we have to fix it.

On the palaver it was my honor to speak to another SJW I admire, Stephanie Zvan. We talk about the need for public figures to be able to take criticism and learn from it. We discuss a couple of examples of people who did not take this advice, namely a certain ‘thinking’ atheist, as well as Stephanie’s own experiences with needing to apologize for things she has written in the past. We also talk briefly about her history of harassed, but also on a more positive note her appearance at Skepticon! Stephanie is someone I have followed and strived to emulate in some small way, and I was flattered when she approached me about interviewing her. It was an enlightening conversation with a remarkable individual.

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