TPPP Episode 36 : Mom on a Mission 

Welcome to another fun-filled episode of the podcast you love to hate, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! On the pre-ramble this week I give my commentary on the riots that happened in Berkeley Saturday pitting anti-fascists against Trump supporters, which has people arguing AGAIN about the merits of punching Nazis.

On the palaver this week I speak with co-host of The Science Enthusiast Podcast; creator and director of the documentary ‘Science Moms’; creator the Skeptical Parenting Facebook page; badass mother of two children; and jizz enthusiast Natalie Newell. We had a great conversation about the podcast she co-hosts with Dan Broadbent, which consists mostly of guests and dick jokes. We then talk about her documentary which aims to give parents the skills to make rational, evidence-based decisions about their children’s health. Finally we talk about her love of memes and she uses them to lure people to her page in the hopes that they will stay from the important stuff. There is a lot of cursing and hilarity this week on the show, a I think y’all will enjoy Natalie’s wit and ability to curse like a sailor.

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21 arrested as hundreds of Trump supporters and counter-protesters clash at Berkeley rally

The Science Enthusiast Podcast

Science Moms

Skeptical Parenting on Facebook

Natalie Newell on Twitter

TPPP Episode 35 : Flight to Freedom 

Greetings and welcome to another episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! First off, I want to apologize for the quality of my voice in the pre- and post- rambles, as well as my inebriation. I honestly didn’t even realize I was that affected until I edited it. I hope y’all are not too put off by it! In the pre-ramble, I discuss the missile attack on Syrian bases by the U.S. In my opinion, it was a mistake and only makes things worse in the region, plus Russia is not happy about it and will make things worse in relations at a time when we can ill afford it. I am honestly nervous about what’s going to happen next.

On the palaver this week, I speak to Mel Rice, who endured domestic violence for twenty years. She speaks about her overall journey; recounts horrifying incidents that highlight the potentially fatal consequences of her situation; her ultimate escape from her abuser; and her life today as a survivor and a successful woman. Her journey was a terrifying one, but she was ultimately able to escape and rebuild her life. Hopefully, her story will let other victims know they aren’t alone, and it will educate others on the importance and seriousness of this all too underreported crime.

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Trump launches military strike against Syria 

Find Domestic Violence and Abuse Help, Information, and Stats

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

TPPP Episode 34 : No Illusions About God Awful Movies 

Welcome to The Triple Po! I don’t have much to say on the pre-ramble this week, but I do mention that I was on Not Another Atheist Podcast with Jen and Keith talking about NaNoCon as well some other things. I also mention that I will be on a couple of future episodes of The Atheist in the Trailer Park Podcast with Tucker Drake. I am not sure when they will be released, but I will make sure to post on the social medias when they do. Lastly, I briefly mention that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has asked for immunity to testify before Congress about the Trump’s administration ties to Russia. Hopefully, this will lead to impeachment, though it’s probably unlikely. Oh, and the Federal Judge in Hawaii continued the stay regarding the enforcement of Trump’s new and improved Muslim ban, which of course is awesome news.

For the palaver I have co-host of The Scathing Atheist, God Awful Movies, and Skepticrat Noah Lugeons on to talk about the Christian movie industry and how his show mercilessly satirizes the products of that industry. We also talk about the history and current state of the industry and perhaps the disturbing future. It was a great conversation and I am really glad Noah came on to speak with me.

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Flynn seeks immunity for testimony

Hawaii judge extends halt on Trump travel ban

Not Another Atheist Podcast Episode 39 : Ceremonial Dickism

Box-Office Prophets: The Rise of the Faith-Based Film Industry

The Scathing Atheist

The Skepticrat

God Awful Movies

Diatribes Vol. 2 on Amazon 

TPPP Episode 33 : A Long, Strange Trip

Welcome to another episode of that Southern SJW podcast your mother warned you about, The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This week on the pre-ramble, I talk about the failure of Republicans in the House to come up with the votes to repeal Obamacare, thus effectively rendering that effort dead, and my unmitigated joy at seeing the fuckwits in the GOP losing the battle. I also read a new review I got from guest and friend Zach Law of the Zachrilege Cast. It was a positive and flattering review and thankfully mentioned nothing about IPAs.

On the palaver this week I speak to my friend Erik Pelham about his fascinating, harrowing, and near deadly journey through addiction. Erik tried just about every drug in the book, as well as alcohol, and he tells how he finally decided to go clean after being beaten and in a padded cell. It is an inspirational tale, and Erik is a great storyteller. I think y’all will be hanging on every word as I was.

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In Major Defeat for Trump, Push to Repeal Health Law Fails

Addiction Statistics – Facts on Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Finding secular alternatives to AA – Henry Steinberger, Ph.D.

The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous

Erik Pelham on Facebook


TPPP Episode 32 : Yakking in Podunk

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this installment of TPPP! This week in the pre-ramble, I give a little review of the awesomeness that was NaNoCon 2o17. I had a great time, reconnected with people, met a lot of new people, and consumed copious amounts of beer. It was a beautiful day for it, and there was a bonfire the night before and an after party downtown that topped everything off nicely. A big thanks to the organizers for putting this together, and hopefully it will be even bigger and better next year!

For the palaver I talk to Robert and Amy over at Secular Yakking. We talk about their show, the Mr. Potter award, and their natural ability to yak at each other. We also talk about Robert’s side project, The Original Motto Project, which is trying to get In God We Trust removed from government property and replaced with the original motto, ‘E Pluribus Unum’ (Out of many, one). As if that weren’t enough, these two are involved with Camp Quest, and their children were campers and are now about to be counselors. There’s also yakking about Trump, Northern apathy and Southern enthusiasm for secular issues, ignorance and our shared status as SJWs. There’s a lot of yakking on this week’s episode, but hopefully y’all will find it entertaining!

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Scenic City Skeptics on Facebook

The Haitian FREE Thinkers Show

Haitian  Free Thinkers on Facebook

Original Motto Project

Original Motto Project on Facebook

Original Motto Project on Twitter

Camp Quest

FBI to review young Muslim man’s death

Sikh Man’s Shooting in Washington State Investigated as Hate Crime

Secular Yakking 

Secular Yakking on Facebook

Secular Yakking on Twitter

Robert Ray on Twitter



The World(s) We Live In

A heartbreaking and infuriating story from Lucy Dee, how it relates to our current social climate.


Until just recently, I maintained 2 separate profiles on Facebook.  One was for clients, the other was the place I could be myself without worrying about repercussions towards my business.

I’m a Secular Humanist.  I am an Atheist.  I am an Agnostic.  I am a Scientist.  I am Native.

And I am all of those things in a small town in Western Oklahoma.

With the election over with and Trump in office, I began seeing things that made my skin crawl.  I don’t have a lot of love for my even smaller hometown (pop. 135 on a good year).  That’s primarily due to the people who live there.  Bear in mind, they weren’t all bad people.  However, the majority living in and around the county were blatantly racist.

I watched much of the hatred and name-calling subside over the years as I grew older and it became less socially acceptable…

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TPPP Episode 31 : Interviewing The Interviewer

Greetings and welcome to another scintillating episode of The Podunk Polymath Podcast! This is a bit of a special episode, because for only the second time on the podcast I have a guest for the pre-ramble and the palaver! Zach Law of Zachrilege Cast joins me firstly on the pre-ramble as we talk about the GOP’s newly unveiled health care plan and our takes on its merits (spoiler : we think it sucks)! I also announce a new patron, and a very special one at that : The badass host of Inciting Incident Podcast, as well as author and generally awesome human being, Marissa McCool! I also mention once again that NaNoCon is starting in less than a week, and how y’all better get your tickets now before they sell out!

The fun with Zach continues on the palaver, where we talk about his podcast, his personal views, our love of beer, as well as his penchant for belching during interviews. It’s a boozy conversation between two friends, and I had a lot of fun talking to him. It’s a bit of a reprieve from the more serious subjects the show generally covers, and I think we all could use it during these dark days. Enjoy!

Download the show here.

Here’s What GOP Bill Would (And Wouldn’t) Change For Women’s Health Care

Zachrilege Cast on Podbean

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