TPPP Episode 82 : God Isn’t Dead

I talk to Tony from Conversations with God Podcast about his show, and we also talk about politics, most especially about the cheeto-in-chief. Sorry it’s late. Life and all that. Enjoy!

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TPPP Episode 81 : Launch Pad

This week I have on Rose Marie Pink, President and Executive Director of Launch Pad Nashville, “a volunteer-based initiative striving to provide street free sleep to youth between the ages of 18-24 with a focus on being affirming and welcoming to LGBTQ youth.” We talk about the organization’s genesis, mission, challenges, and goals. Launch Pad also happens to be the organization I chose for my Facebook Birthday Fundraiser this year. I am really proud to have supported them. They need volunteers, so consider signing up. Of course, they always need money as well, so feel free to donate! I hope y’all learn something from this, because I think it’s a great organization.

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Launch Pad Nashville

Launch Pad Nashville on Facebook

Launch Pad Nashville on Instagram

TPPP Episode 80 : Living With PTSD

I am going to issue a content warning for this episode for talking about PTSD, suicide, and some combat violence.

This week I speak to Hyrum and Nate about some of their experiences with combat as well as PTSD, both combat and non-combat related, as well as other conditions that arose from traumatic brain injury. They also talk about the difficulty of re-adjusting to civilian life after combat, as well as the need to find purpose in order to stave off depression, even up to suicidal ideation. They also talk about ways to cope with these issues, though, and how anyone can learn to adjust with therapy, purpose, and a good support system. Finally, they emphasize that PTSD is a condition that can occur from any traumatic situation, not just combat. Thus the argument that somehow people who were never in combat can’t experience PTSD is absolutely false, and it is harmful to those who suffer from this condition. Everyone’s experiences and illnesses are valid, regardless of the circumstances. I really want to thank Hyrum and Nate for coming on, as I know it wasn’t easy to recall these painful experiences. I have great admiration for these men, and I hope their willingness to come forward and talk will give others the courage to do the same.

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Listening to shame | Brené Brown

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown

Living with Prosopagnosia: How could you not know?

TPPP Episode 79 : Why The F*ck Should I Care About Philosophy?

This week I have on Nathan Dickey for one purpose : To tell me what I should care about philosophy. But first, we discussed the recent death of John McCain and our feelings on it. But then the main topic of philosophy was discussed. We discussed what philosophy is; a brief of history of how it evolved in its current understanding; how there are any good philosophy ‘communicators’ out there of any great stature to explain things to the layman; and some sources that are trying to do just that, via podcasts and YouTube. It’s a fascinating discussion. I don’t if he know convinced me or not, but he has definitely given me some things to think about. Perhaps, just perhaps, I will one day give a fuck about philosophy!

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John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81

A Leap of Doubt Podcast

Nathan Dickey on Twitter

Physics Needs Philosophy / Philosophy Needs Physics

Philosophy Tube

Embrace The Void

Philosophers In Space

TPPP Episode 78 : An Atheist In Pittsburgh

This week on The Triple Po I am joined by logo enhancer and Facebook friend Jeff Prebeg. We talk about his activism, his work with charity, and his poor choice in hockey teams. We also rip on Trump, as well as discuss the difference between atheism and secular humanism, and the increasing gap between the two groups. Oh and cats. His cat has his own Facebook and Instagram! We had a great chat, and I enjoyed having him on even if he is a Pens fan. Enjoy!

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TPPP Episode 77 : Laying Down The Law

My dear comrade Zach Law from Zachrilege Cast makes a second appearance on the show. We talk about Trump, beer, the intellectual dark web, and Satan’s asshole. Is your interest piqued? Well come on by and take a listen!

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TPPP Episode 76 : Withdrawal

This week on The Triple Po I speak to my old friend Brandi about her recent run-in with the law regarding drugs, but also how her privilege kept the legal outcome being much worse. Related to that, we talk about failure that is the War on Drugs and the racist and inadequate laws used to try to enforce the war. Oh, and we talk about how Trump sucks, which is low hanging fruit nowadays! It was a great conversation and it was great to talk to Brandi again after a couple of years.

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